With great united passion for motor sports NOVA has delivered  successfully, together with its partners  a  complex project which contained extreme technical challenges concerning  the fundamental features of this Sports Car.

The requirement of a Sports car completely made of Carbon fiber and compatible with the strict FIA-CN2 competition gave birth to this demanding and challenging project back in 2009..

A Sport Prototype car with a monocoque chassis built in composites, “soaked with air”, with rigidity characteristics, weight and aerodynamic efficiency unseen so far in this category. The chassis philosophy is more similar to LMP car than Sport Prototype Car class.

.Challenged both by the project’s complexity and the stringent deadline, Nova was requested to engage all its prior experience gained in aerospace and automotive sphere, to deliver this highly distinctive engineering project. The delivery deadline for this project was set to the end of July 2009 in order to enable subsequent manufacturing and homologation phases, and eventual racetrack testing by the end of November 2009.

The WF01 Project,  (the official name was unveiled at the car’s presentation) remains an example of how effective management capabilities combined with technical expertise and diversified experience have contributed to a winning solution driven by passion and creative impulse

  In its category the WF01 represents a true and distinctive break from the past, as to the applied technical contents and approach  

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